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ON-SITE Programs


+ Semi-Private Coaching

Every female athlete is unique and requires a strength training program to fit her individual strengths & weaknesses.

To meet these unique needs, every athlete that trains at Relentless receives an individualized program that is specific to HER.

With our semi-private training model, we coach our athletes along their programs while maintaining a 1:8 Coach to Athlete ratio.

Every athlete (and her parent) interested in joining our program is required to schedule a movement assessment to allow us to understand your strengths, weaknesses, movement quality, injury history & training load.

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+ Team Training

Team programming is provided in a 1-hour closed group setting at Relentless. Training packages include evidence-based programming specific to each sport with special considerations to athlete training age, strengths/ weaknesses, skill level, and team goals.

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+ Women's Strength Camp

Small group training for adult females looking to gain strength, confidence, and improved quality of life!

This is a class for ALL LEVELS. Whether you are new to exercising, have never lifted weights, or are a seasoned vet, we provide a structured and safe training environment designed to fit YOUR goals. If you are an adult woman who is looking to get strong, this class is for you!

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Relentless uses scientific principles to develop female ATHLETES first, and sport players second.

+ The Relentless Female Athlete

Developing strength depends first on the acquisition of movement patterns. Movement is a motor skill that is acquired at an individualized rate.

For this reason, Relentless coaches provide individualized programming to teach our athletes the basic movement patterns of squat, hinge, press, pull, and stabilization – and progress them to the more technical athletic variants such as the snatch and clean & jerk.

This progression allows us to develop not only strength, speed, & power, but also improve body awareness, coordination, balance, and neuromuscular control within an environment that is uniquely positive and empowering.


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HS Senior Softball Athlete

Relentless coaches do not set impossible expectations for young girls which is a lot of what is all over the internet; rather they help create this idea of an “athlete” (which Emily defines and explains really well in her podcast). They do this by helping stress to us the importance of lean muscle mass over being “skinny”. I think A LOT of girls are chasing this goal of “skinny” and I know I definitely am guilty of this but it is because they don’t understand the difference in image, confidence and overall health between lean/muscular and skinny. I was always one of those people that was like I want to lose weight or I have been eating poorly let me go run it off and I focused predominantly on cardio.

But with what Relentless has taught me through their articles, posts, seminars, and what the coaches help explain to me is if you are lifting weights, working out properly, and fueling your body the way you should then you will see the results. A big thing that I have learned over the past few months that has helped me physically (and mentally) is focusing on how/when I’m fueling my body. I never really understood this importance and I think a big reason that Relentless helped me trust them is the background the coaches have in science. I’m a very logical person and science-based so I need to know why. I feel like having coaches that are educated in the science is very helpful because it proves that what they are encouraging is scientifically proven to have a positive effect

Since starting Relentless, I have never felt as fit or confident as I do now and it completely transformed my idea of “working out”. It’s really an educational thing. The more I lift, embrace better eating habits, and learn the WHY from Relentless, the more I really understand the importance of being a better ATHLETE as a whole.

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D1 Lacrosse Athlete

About three years ago, I joined Relentless Athletics with the goal of becoming a stronger athlete. Relentless coaches not only showed me what I needed to do from a physical standpoint, but also from a nutritional standpoint. Almost every athlete knows the importance of strength training and how it can directly relate to his or her skill and speed on the field or court. However, something that the majority of athletes are unaware of is how their intake of food can equally impact their playing. Yes, most athletes know to eat their vegetables and protein, but when? After a workout? Before a game? Joining relentless athletics has helped me learn about the importance of fueling my body. Before Relentless, I believed in stereotypes like “carbs are always bad for you” or “too much protein makes you gain weight;” therefore, that is how I ate. However, once I became a member of Relentless and eating the proper way an athlete should, I saw significant differences in my body and my skills on the field. At first, it was hard to deny the stereotypes but after I have gained so much strength and stamina, I knew that they were all wrong. Relentless helped me become a better athlete both physically and mentally through strength training and more importantly fueling my body correctly.

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North Penn Field Hockey

Trying Relentless for the first time, I was hesitant just like any new thing I try. By the end of my free trial I was absolutely in love and KNEW I wanted to sign up as soon as possible for this gym. The owner Emily is a great and bubbly person who became one of my best friends. She is really incredible how she can determine what best suits you and your body and what exercises you should do according to your sport. As well as creating a great and comfortable atmosphere, Emily knows what she is doing. In my first three months of coming to Relentless, I had became not only stronger but MUCH faster than I had in the previous three years of other strength training and conditioning. On the field hockey field, I dominated and was much more confident because I knew in my head and my heart that I was stronger, faster, and more aggressive than my opponent. Along with the strength, I just am always happy to come lift at Relentless. No matter if I am in a bad mood before, I always come out smiling after I am done. Going from two days of training per week to training basically everyday (literally 5 days haha) I love it more and more each day.

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Lansdale Catholic Basketball Athlete (and Weightlifting athlete!)

I can honestly say that going to Relentless has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I started working out I couldn’t even deadlift the 35 lbs bar. Now, about a year and half later I can deadlift up to 183 lbs. But that’s not the only reason I love relentless. I love how Emily makes an effort to really be there for all the girls and how everyone is so supportive of each other. We lift as a team. Relentless has really opened up a whole new world for me as an athlete. A year and a half ago I wouldn’t have even thought about weight training and now it’s my second sport. I can’t even express how grateful I am to have the chance to work out at Relentless and be a part of it.

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