Relentless Athletics Seminars

Developing the Female Athlete

We give you the science to help answer these questions:

“Does lifting make you BULKY?”

“Is lifting SAFE? Am I old enough?”

“Is SUGAR bad?”

“What’s the BEST THING TO EAT before my game?

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-Developing the Female Athlete Seminar-

Successful female athletes are athletes first, and players second.

Athletic development is a necessary foundation from which a specific sports player is built.  Strength training is an essential tool in developing the female athlete.

From developing body awareness and coordination, there are MUCH MORE benefits from strength training than just brute strength!

In order to see success on the field, females cannot just train hard, but they must RECOVER in order to adapt & improve.

In our seminar we explain why strength training is an essential tool for athletic development, how to make it fit in an already packed schedule, and how to choose the right types & amounts of food that allow for improved recovery and performance!

And we may bust a couple of myths along the way:)


Head Field Hockey Coach at Methactin High School

Thank you to Emily from Relentless Athletics for sharing her knowledge of sports nutrition with our team. Emily is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and relatable with teenagers. She shed a lot of light on many important and relevant concepts along with many misconceptions. I highly recommend her coming to talk to your team!