+ Virtual Sports Nutrition Coaching

Relentless Sport Nutrition Coaching is perfect for any athlete looking for an individual guided approach to reaching her nutrition goals

Our goal is to help you better understand: what food your body needs on training vs rest days, in what amounts, and most importantly, WHY your body needs it.

All female athletes are required to complete a virtual sports nutrition assessment to begin.

In the assessment, we arrange a skype call to review a 3-day picture food log and discuss your baseline nutritional habits. From there, will develop an individualized approach to enhance your sports performance & recovery needs.

What to expect in your nutrition assessment:

● Review a 3 day food log & discuss your energy needs

● Learn about nutritional priorities

● Review your nutritional GOALS & establish an individualized plan!

Upon scheduling, we will email you a file to submit your picture food log prior to our meeting!

+ Templates & Guides

Our temples and guides are perfect for female athletes interested in learning about the science behind sports nutrition and a guided approach to fueling based on their training age, intensity, and goals.

Check out our resources here!


Our goal is to educate female athletes on the WHY behind what to eat, when to eat it, in what amounts.


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Collegiate Track and Field Athlete

Usually I feel pretty sluggish during warm ups and eventually feel better once the competition starts. But now, I can tell I have more energy at the start of warm ups and that stays around longer, which was really nice! The timing of meals really helps too. I think that is the biggest thing that helps on competition day because I never give my body a chance to be hungry and lose energy.

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53-58kg Weightlifter

I’ve been Weightlifting for 3 years, and as some may know, Weightlifting is a weight class sport. My game plan for about 2.5 years was to just complete wherever I fell. I was able to bring myself from 60-61kg body weight to 58kg, but recently I wanted to take my competitive edge to a new level by dropping my body fat percent and also dropping a weight class from 58kg to 53kg. I sought out help from Emily because she was currently working with 2 of my team mates. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot and see what kind of protocol she would put me on, knowing I could always go somewhere else. After 8 weeks, I am definitely not going to be going anywhere else anytime soon! I had about 5 weeks on a baseline template, and about 3 weeks now of cutting. I’ve gone from sitting at 58-59kg to a steady 57.5kg during the baseline phase, to hitting a new low at 56kg heading into my 4th week of cutting. The template she gave me is easy to follow and I can pull it up on my phone anytime I need to. It’s balanced, and gets an athlete eating a healthy diet geared toward maximum performance with a focus on nutrient timing. As a current Nutrition and Dietetic Student, working with Emily is more than just a client/nutritionist relationship. It’s a learning opportunity. Seeing her methodology in action for athletes who are cutting and/or massing gives me a great understanding on how the body works. Emily is also very receptive and communicates with her clients really well. I feel like I am being guided by caring hands towards my goals! I absolutely love working with Emily and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness, and relationship with food!

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58kg Nationally Ranked Youth Weightlifter

Just over a year and a half ago I shifted my focus from playing high school sports to competing in Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting. Both sports are very physically demanding and when I first started I ate based on a template designed for the general crowd of olympic weightlifters.

Using these general nutrition guidelines worked for awhile until progress began to slow and energy levels began to decline. My coach and I decided I could fill my weight class out even more gaining much more strength and energy. When I first started working with Emily it was obvious that I would be a tough subject as we had a lot of factors to take into consideration such as my age, volume of activities, my weight class and even the time constraints on major competitions coming up.

Working with Emily I successfully finished my first mass gaining both strength in my lifts as well as performing better in high intensity Crossfit workouts. Currently I am in the middle of my first cut feeling the best I have ever felt leading into a competition. Without Emily none of this would be possible as I believed it would be impossible for me to gain weight! I recommend Emily to anyone with any sort of fitness or health goals even if you believe you yourself may be a tough subject I guarantee with her help anything is possible!

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Former College Athlete

Coming from an athletic background, I decided to start working with a weightlifting coach a few years after college and I made some massive improvements in the first 6 months. Unfortunately, things began to stagnate and was becoming really run down. I was unaware that was not fueling my body properly considering my work loads and my progress started diminishing. I was so crushed by my backsliding performance considering I was still putting forth 100% effort. That’s when I reached out to Relentless Athletics and I could not be more thankful. We worked on recovery through my diet for weeks until my body was recovered and allowed me to start making progress again. Week by week we took my multifaceted goals into consideration and made changes as my body responded. Not only do I know more about nutrition related to performance as a whole, but I better understand my own body and what I need to do to achieve success. I’m currently at my lowest body fat % and am back to competing and achieving new PRs!! I am so grateful for the education, encouragement, and notable professionalism offered by Relentless Athletics.

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