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+ Strength Training

Every female who works with Relentless is required to complete a movement assessment either in person or virtually with a Relentless Head Coach who holds a Master’s of Science in a sport science related field.

This assessment allows us to evaluate each athlete’s unique strengths, weaknesses, injury history, training load, & goals, so we can then develop an individualized program specific to the female athlete.

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+ Sports Nutrition

Our goal is to educate female athletes on the why behind what to eat, when to eat it, & in what amounts.

Through Relentless Nutrition we provide nutrition consultations, memberships, ebook, diet templates & more specifically for the female athlete.

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+ Sports Injury Rehab

At the Relentless Spots Injury Rehab Clinic, we help female athletes to not only recover from their sports injury but also return to sport STRONGER than they were before.

Every female who works with Relentless Rehab is required to complete a sports injury assessment before receiving a rehabilitation program specific to her injury, timeline, sport & goals.

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HS Senior Softball Athlete

Relentless coaches do not set impossible expectations for young girls which is a lot of what is all over the internet; rather they help create this idea of an “athlete” (which Emily defines and explains really well in her podcast). They do this by helping stress to us the importance of lean muscle mass over being “skinny”. I think A LOT of girls are chasing this goal of “skinny” and I know I definitely am guilty of this but it is because they don’t understand the difference in image, confidence and overall health between lean/muscular and skinny. I was always one of those people that was like I want to lose weight or I have been eating poorly let me go run it off and I focused predominantly on cardio.

But with what Relentless has taught me through their articles, posts, seminars, and what the coaches help explain to me is if you are lifting weights, working out properly, and fueling your body the way you should then you will see the results. A big thing that I have learned over the past few months that has helped me physically (and mentally) is focusing on how/when I’m fueling my body. I never really understood this importance and I think a big reason that Relentless helped me trust them is the background the coaches have in science. I’m a very logical person and science-based so I need to know why. I feel like having coaches that are educated in the science is very helpful because it proves that what they are encouraging is scientifically proven to have a positive effect

Since starting Relentless, I have never felt as fit or confident as I do now and it completely transformed my idea of “working out”. It’s really an educational thing. The more I lift, embrace better eating habits, and learn the WHY from Relentless, the more I really understand the importance of being a better ATHLETE as a whole.

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D1 Diving Athlete

I had always thought weightlifting was more of a “guy thing.” I had always been too nervous to join a gym because I would feel embarrassed and would be intimidated by the guy athletes. When I saw how much lifting at Relentless impacted my sister’s field hockey abilities, I decided to give it a go with this all-girls strength training gym. All I can say is that performing these Olympic lifts has boosted not only my strength and stability in diving, but also my self-confidence. When I first walked in the door at Relentless, I was a shy, scared, and overwhelmed girl who had no idea what Emily and this gym would help her accomplish. I had always been insecure with my body because it didn’t look like most girls’ thanks to my gymnastics background, but Relentless has given me the confidence to embrace my body and to realize that being strong isn’t necessarily a “guy thing.”

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