The Female Athlete's Guide: Sports Nutrition 101

The Female Athlete's Guide: Sports Nutrition 101


“Abs are made in the kitchen!”

Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before. It seems like everytime we scroll through IG we see another fitness model repping a tea detox, a celebrity claiming sugar is evil, or an “influencer” emphasizing the importance of eating clean (how the heck do you scientifically define a “clean” food anyhow...?)

The problem is: these girls are not you. YOU are an athlete.

The IG models aren’t sprinting up and down the soccer field, spiking the ball on the volleyball court, sinking a game-winning three, or smashing a homerun at the bottom of the 9th.

Unlike you, they don’t need stamina to power through a weekend- long tournament or clinic where a scout is eyeing you for a spot on their D1 team next year.

If you want to perform, you have to eat for it.

This nutrition guide isn’t about “how to lose 10lbs fast”. It won't tell you to eliminate X from your diet or just stop eating at Y time every day.

We created this guide for female athletes like those that train here at Relentless Athletics; female athletes who want science-based nutrition focused on PERFORMANCE - and having a body composition that reflects this success.

Do you want to know what’s ACTUALLY created in the kitchen? ATHLETES. Strong, powerful, and incredible female athletes - just like you.

Time to take the first step toward understanding how to fuel your body for performance!

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