Too Young? Unsafe? No Time? Research Says...Young Female Athletes MUST Strength Train.

Lifting stunts growth! Lifting is dangerous! Lifting is necessary?

With more females engaging in sport than ever, overuse injuries ranging from tendonitis to stress fractures and non-contact ACL tears on the rise.

But research helps us understand although sport is not enough to prepare the youth athlete’s body for sport, she can do something else….

In this article, we help explain the current research behind the questions: (total: 10 min read)

  • Is strength training safe for young female athletes?

  • What age should female athletes start lifting weights?

  • What is the best way to train young female athletes?

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Female Athletes & Their Menstrual Cycles

Female athletes everywhere know their period will affect how they feel, and how they feel will affect how they perform. Although skipping a few periods or missing a period all together could seem attractive for a female who feels like crap on her period, a missing period or dysfunctional cycle is a HUGE warning sign that cannot be ignored.

This article helps explain the science behind the importance of a female athlete’s period in helping her perform and recovery and why a female athlete may be missing her period. Read on!

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To Play Multiple Sports or to Specialize?: The Dilemma Faced by Female Athletes

Sport specialization vs multi-sport athletes is a hot topic when considering athlete development.  When considering female athletes it is even hotter. And for good reason….

With knee injuries in female athletes occurring upwards of 2 to 5x the rate compared to male athletes in some sports, the relationship between sport specialization, sports success, and sports injuries is a conversation we NEED to have.

Although the topic is hot, the answer to the question: “should females athletes play multiple sports or specialize early?” is not so cut and dry...

Read on to find out why

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Mental Toughness And Female Athletes

Mental toughness seems to be a buzz word among sport coaches with methods ranging from extra running and ‘team bonding activities to limited water breaks and getting sick after a bout of hard sprints.

Find out which methods are causing more harm than good and what parents, coaches, & fellow athletes can do instead to help maintain a positive & motivational atmosphere that is crucial for female athletic development.

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Birth Control to the Rescue? How Oral Contraceptives REALLY Impact An Athlete

Studies show female athletes are more likely to experience menstrual irregularities than their non athlete counterparts. Previously, oral contraceptives were prescribed to aid in period regulation & assist in bone development.

Today, more and more evidence suggests oral contraceptives are at best a bandaid for the cause of missing periods, and at worse, detrimental to female athlete bone development.

Find out the most likely cause for menstrual irregularities and the role oral contraceptives play in treating this issue…

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Before the 1980s, female athletes experienced restrictions in sport ranging from not being allowed to ride a horse during her period, to limiting the number of dribbles taken on the basketball court to keep her from from overexerting herself.

Although rules have changed, the association between females & fragility still exists and often creates a frustrating world for the female athlete to excel in.

Find out the history of women in sport, the influence of media, and why the misguided fear of “bulkiness” & lifting heavy still exists.

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The Truth About Core Stability

From bosu balls to 3 minute planks, coaches everywhere try to implement “core training” into their sports practice. A stable core helps athletes transfer force more efficiently allowing for harder kicks, faster sprints, higher jumps, and a more resilient athlete.

But here’s the thing, research shows us core stability and core training in isolation often have little to no transfer to sports performance.

Keep reading to find out the most effective way female athletes can develop core stability.

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It seems to be the norm for a parent to sign her daughter up to play club soccer, engage in specific speed and agility sessions, and weekend long showcases far before considering signing up for strength training.

Unfortunately this practice is leading to an ever increasing rate of sport injuries occurring in young female athletes-injuries that have been cited to be reduced by HALF when athletes are introduced to strength training.

In fact, sport scientists cite strength training as a NECESSARY precursor for females to PREPARE their young body for the forces faced on the field or court.

So why aren’t more parents and coaches pushing for it PRIOR to competitive sport play?

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“MOBILITY” is all the rage in the fitness industry, and foam rolling or “soft tissue” work is often cited as a necessary warm-up tool by fitness gurus.

But what does the research say? Is foam rolling necessary? Or is it just a waste of time? Is there a better way to prepare the female athlete’s body for movement?

Check out this article to learn what the current science suggests!

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The Player Development Pyramid

Do you want to become the BEST female athlete you can be?⁣⠀⁣⠀Then its time to understand how to prioritize developing your ATHLETICISM over your specific sport skills.

Think of your abilities as a (enter your sport here) player as the peak of a pyramid ⁣ the height of your skills are dependent on the qualities they are built on!

If you want to learn how to develop your athleticism, this one is a MUST READ!

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