Relentless Nutrition Consultation

Our goal is to educate Female Athletes on the WHY behind what to eat, when to eat it, in what amounts.

With a Relentless Nutrition consultation, athletes and a parent will meet with coach Julia Kirkpatric MS or Emily Pappas MS in a private 30-minute session (either on-site or virtually)

In this session, we help you better understand fundamental nutrition principles that can better help you prioritize: what you eat, when you eat it, in what amounts, and most importantly- WHY your body needs it!

Prior to the consult, we ask the athlete to upload a picture log of what she ate over the course of 3 days.

We then compare this intake to the science, and help establish actionable goals from there!

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Relentless Nutrition Coaching

With Relentless Nutrition Coaching, we individualize what you eat and in what amounts according to your goals, schedule, training intensity, and lifestyle!

This monthly membership option is perfect for any athlete looking for a more guided approach to her nutrition. Through this membership, each athlete will receive a specific nutrition plan as well as biweekly contact with her coach. This option is perfect for the female athlete who needs accountability and help in monitoring/adjusting her plan as she progresses towards her goal. This plan includes daily tracking of nutrition, sleep, fatigue, hours training, and other data particular to the individual and her goals.

Our goal for any Relentless Nutrition Client is to not just tell you what to do, but to educate you along the way!

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