Relentless Nutrition


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Sports Nutrition Consult

With a Relentless Nutrition consultation, female athletes meet with coach Julia Kirkpatrick MS or Emily Pappas MS in a private 45-minute session (either on-site or virtually).

In the consultation, our goal is to help you better understand: what food your body needs on training vs rest days, in what amounts, and most importantly- WHY your body needs it!


What you get:

● Review a 3 day food log & discuss your energy needs

● Learn about nutritional priorities

● Review your nutritional GOALS

● Parents play an active role in the nutrition process and are encouraged to sit in on consultations!


Consultation time: 45minutes

Cost: $75

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Sports Nutrition MEMBERSHIP

Relentless Nutrition Membership is perfect for any athlete looking for a more guided approach to reaching her nutrition goals after her consultation.


What you get:

● 6 weeks of guided educational experience to conquer your nutritional goals

● 3- 30 minute in-person or skype calls with your coach to help re-assess your personalized steps to reach your goals

● Provided access to a nutrition progress tracker updated each week

● Nutrition recommendations are specific to each athlete’s lifestyle, experience, and goals

Daily monitoring of sleep, fatigue, hours training, and other data particular to the individual


*all athletes are required to complete a consultation first to see if a membership is right fit for them!

Relentless Female Athlete Nutrition Guide

(e-book coming soon!)

Relentless Female Athlete Nutrition Template

(download coming soon!)