SUGAR: are you addicted?

SUGAR FREE and LOW SUGAR are often associated positively with health. In fact, sugar has been demonized as a type of addiction to which people can have.

If you want to learn what a “sugar addiction” is really telling you about your eating habits, check out this one!

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Birth Control to the Rescue? How Oral Contraceptives REALLY Impact An Athlete

Studies show female athletes are more likely to experience menstrual irregularities than their non athlete counterparts. Previously, oral contraceptives were prescribed to aid in period regulation & assist in bone development.

Today, more and more evidence suggests oral contraceptives are at best a bandaid for the cause of missing periods, and at worse, detrimental to female athlete bone development.

Find out the most likely cause for menstrual irregularities and the role oral contraceptives play in treating this issue…

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What is REDs? The Danger of Energy Deficiency in Female Athletes

In the 1990s, the female athlete triad helped identify a relationship between low body fat, irregular periods, & low bone density

In 2018, relative energy deficiency syndrome helped identify the cause of relationship and what we can do about it.

Irregular or missing periods could be a HUGE warming sign and if not addressed, resulting in serious problems to long term health.

If your athlete experiences menstrual issues, this article is a must:

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